Boerlandia and other parables

One day the Boers of South Africa decided to retain the greater part of the country, wall themselves off from the rest of the South African population except for a good number of black natives which it kept as non-citizen laborers, and called their home “Boerlandia.”
Could Boerlandia then have said to the black people of Africa, and to the world at large: “do blacks not recognize the right of Boerlandia to exist?”

One day your father promises to buy you a shiny new tricycle. A little time later your promised tricycle is delivered unto you.

One day a bully comes and takes the tricycle from you and you never see it again. Years pass and the tricycle is passed from one child to another.

Some many years later you see that tricycle again. Now that you are bigger you have the power to take it from the two year old who is riding it. Is it yours?

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