Alito’s new world order executive branch

New Orleans Police kill man armed with three inch knife
Overwelming firepower. In this case against a three-inch knife.
Moments after this video was taken, while the young amateur camera operator was racing down the stairs to film the standoff from street level, the New Orleans police officers shot and killed this man.

We’ve seen this more and more often. There are reports every day of suspects being killed by tasers. Policemen shoot boys armed with BB guns. Police shoot unarmed detainees.

It happens in war. We drop 500 pound bombs on innocent families. We stop vehicles with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. In war this is illegal. It is called use of overwelming force and it is illegal. Kill-boxes, free-fire-zones, shoot-anything-that-moves, bulldozing houses, indescriminate killing, disproportunate civilian casualties, illegal.

With Alito’s appointment to the Supreme Court, the deck is getting stacked against any judicial recourse. False arrest? Police brutality? Tell it to the judge.

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