Cindy Sheehan, taking the fun out of war!

Cindy Sheehan dons our Camp Casey Colorado Springs cap.
Kelly, Pallas and Cindy.
Camp Casey Colorado Springs own Pallas Stanford and IVAW co-founder Kelly Dougherty marched with Cindy Sheehan from Mobile to New Orleans. Also marching from Colorado Springs were veterans Joe Hatcher, Jeff Peskoff, Ethan Crowell, Alan Skinner, and Vietnam Veterans Against the War co-founder Terry Leichner.

The March 14-19 Vets Gulf March marked the third anniversary of the war in Iraq and was meant to highlight the relationship between the misappropriation of resources for the illegal war and the woeful assistance given to the Katrina Hurricane victims. The Colorado Springs delegation left from Camp Casey on March 12.

Cindy Sheehan had sent her greetings through Andy Braunstein when he was in DC, now she’s got our peace cap. The TAKING THE FUN OUT OF WAR cap from Colorado Springs’ ragtag peace camp!

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3 Responses to Cindy Sheehan, taking the fun out of war!

  1. Avatar Kyle says:


    I live just down the street from you and I just need to say YOU ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS! I personally blame YOUR backwards-assed, democratic “open your mouth and shot your eyes and ears” way of thinking. You have NO right to talk before getting the FULL story. I assure you beyond, even an UNreasonable boubt that it is out there. I invite you to Email me back on this matter, and I shall banish ANY fallicys of this incorrect and unfair belief from your train of thought.

    I am neither democratic or republican, just a conservative THINKER.

  2. Avatar Eric says:

    Dear Kyle,
    Rest assured we feel exactly the way you do. Except your way of thinking is getting thousands of people killed and wounded. What harm are we doing trying to stop it?

    Please do feel free to write or stop by to talk about the full story of what is happening in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Guantanamo, and wherever else you feel the truth is being misrepresented.

    Believe me, getting to the full story is exactly what we are hoping to do.

  3. Avatar Marc says:

    Note to Kyle,

    I hope you take Eric up on his invitation, or just post more in this comment thread. From a cynical perspective I have thought that the term “conservative THINKER” is an oxymoron, but I hope you can dispel that thought.

    If you would Kyle … can you tell me enough of the “FULL story” to help me understand why a “conservative THINKER” would support the largest deficits and deficit growth in US history, preemptive foreign wars and nation building, a US president who lies and claims to be above the law, and TORTURE? Or perhaps more importantly, why to a “conservative THINKER” that it is worth; 2,300+ dead US military, 18,000+ US military wounded (the majority with permanent long term disabilities), 1,000+ US widows, 1,000+ US children who have lost a parent, and $400 Billion in current short term costs and $1-$2 Trillion in long term costs to US taxpayers. Not to forget the 100,000+ Iraqi dead over the last three years.

    Maybe the world is better off without Saddam, but why is it worth this large a cost? Which continues to grow on a daily basis. I remeber when other “conservative THINKER”s said that Iraq would cost less than $2 Billion and argued that that there would be none to very few causilities. That we would be welcomed with flowers. And that the major hostilities were over … of course that was over 2,200 US military killed, 15,000 casulities and three years ago. Why is that “conservative THINKER”s seem to have so little accuracy?

    Is there any level of cost to you Kyle, or other “conservative THINKER”s, which would be too great? Pick a number or a loved one.

    Please provide your “FULL story” and “banish ANY fallicys” (sic) from my thoughts.

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