Colorado Springs -1, Salazar 0

Well this is a fine developement for Colorado Springs. Arguably the highest profile progressive elected to a local post, city councilman and vice-mayor Richard Skorman, has resigned his position to become the regional liason for Senator Ken Salazar.
The announcement was made the same day that Salazar cast his vote with the majority to renew the Patriot Act. The same month that Salazar stood up to say he would not support a democratic effort to filibuster the Aleto nomination. The same year that Salazar voted for a budget which included draconian cuts to social services.

None of this is out of character for Colorado’s Ken Salazar. He began this term by endorsing the nomination of Alberto Gonzales to be Attorney General. Salazar has proven to be a foe of nearly every democratic issue. Now Colorado Springs has sacrificed a progressive voice to Salazar’s misguided moves.

Admittedly, Richard Skorman has behaved more like a centrist since he cut off his ponytail. Of course it was hard to know whether Skorman’s ineffectiveness on the city council was due more to the fact that the five other members where all part of the wacky right.

Will Skorman serve to catch Senator Salazar’s ear and realign him to the best interests of the Senator’s constituents, or will Skorman’s function be to ameliorate and apologize for Senator Salazar’s wacky rightist ways?

It’s already widely postulated that most democrats serve only to render the Neocon agenda more palatable to an incredulous American public. I think Richard Skorman is going to be playing that role.

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  1. So thanks to Democratic Party little donkey, Richard Skorman’s work over at the Ken Salazar office, America is now a county of great environmental protection. The swamps are clean, the Gulf of Mexico shrimp is still safe and tasty, even the little mousies in Colorado are cheerful and playful!

    With the help of local boy Little Richard made good by plentiful local liberal support for his businesses, Cowboy Hat Ken Salazar is heading up the agency for Barack Obama that is in charge of protecting America’s environment so well. What could be sweeter?

    Even locally we have energy conservation going wild (see article below), under the watchful work of Poor Little Richard Skorman, the Colorado’s Pike Peace Justice and Peace Commission’s worker with the Pentagon, Stephen Saint (doing just incredible Earth Day work every year with the Fort Carson unit following his effective lead), and no wars locally with the cops!!! either, all due to Democratic Party bound Bill and Genie Durland ‘s hugging of the Chief of CS Pigs, Richard Meyers, in peaceful pacifist embrace for the PPJPC! What a pretty scenario! God is Great isn’t HE? It’s America the Beautiful time here in Colorado Springs!

    Veteran businessman plans ‘Conservation Hardware Center’ in Colorado Springs
    By Prater, Scott
    Publication: The Colorado Springs Business Journal

    Date: Friday, February 20 2009

    Veteran businessman Richard Skorman has embarked on an energy conservation business endeavor that will rely on community support.

    Skorman has leased a 1,500 square feet of space at 409 N. Tejon St. and plans to open “Conservation Hardware Center” sometime during April.

    The former Colorado Springs city

    councilman and head of former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar’s Southern Colorado regional office also owns Poor Richard’s Restaurant, Little Richard’s Toy Store and Rico’s Coffee, Chocolate and Wine Bar, all on North Tejon Street.
    The hardware center will be a new type of venture for Skorman.

    “We want to be the complete information resource for all the conservation resources available in our region,” Skorman said. “We don’t care if people buy from us or if we refer them someplace else to get started on their conservation efforts.”

    The Conservation Hardware Center’s initial products will be inexpensive items such as furnace whistles that sound off when filters need to be replaced, dryer balls that reduce clothes drying by about 25 percent, faucet aerators that help maintain water temperature and smart power strips that inhibit idle electric current flow.

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