Fort Carson sustainability conference

Sustainability Conference programHave a look at the program cover of Fort Carson’s sustainability conference. Is this an army guy camouflaged against the earth as seen from space? It looks like his assault rifle is the Atlantic. Who is he supposed to be looking at with those goggles? And what is the meaning of a military blended inconspicuously into our planet?
The sustainability conference was hosted today by Fort Carson to address the issues of expanding the base. The term sustainability comes up when the Defense Department, just like any land developer, has to respect the environmental impact of its changes.

What does “sustainable” mean to you? Maybe you’re thinking Viagra and erections, but used in the context of “environment” probably it means something more important. Not to Fort Carson.

The Army Strategy for the Environment: “Sustain the Mission – Secure the Future” establishes a long-range vision that enables the Army to meet its mission today and into the future…
-General Peter J. Schoomaker, United States Army Chief of Staff

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