Gerald Danford Q. Ford in memoriam

Remember Dan Quayle? George Bush the Senior had a wimp factor to deal with, and had to select a running mate that wouldn’t eclipse him in the alpha department. He found that little man in J “with an e” Dan Quayle? I thought it was the same thing Nixon saw in Gerald Ford.
It can now be revealed that Gerald Ford gave an interview to Bob Woodward in which he expressed his opposition to the Bush conquest of Iraq. Ford offered his opinion with the proviso that it be kept under wrap until after his death. Or after 650,000+ Iraqi deaths, whichever came first.

Gerald Ford, Nixon apologist and doofus godparent of the present Whitehouse cabal, is now, thank goodness, dead. May he be remembered with clarity for what he did.

While I welcome any politician’s weighing in against the War in Iraq, I can’t myself give credit for anybody’s post mortem confessions, even deathbed remorse. Ford’s true opinion on the matter, like Robert McNamara’s long postponed show of contrition, comes too late.

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