Squeaky Baby

Squeaky, baby, hang in there and we still love you_

She was the one who walked up to President Ford on the golf course and pointed a loaded .38 in his insipid face… then pulled the trigger, nothing happened, a swarm of Secret Service thugs wrestled her to the ground while she was still frantically pulling the trigger and screaming “the fucking gun won’t go off” over and over.

Interesting side note, not one but Three war criminals Ford and Nixon et al supported died in jail this year. Slobodan Milosevic, whose mass murders outnumbered Saddam’s by at least 5x…. Agustin Pinochet of Chile who only turned in a modest 2.5x performance, And lastly the saddest sack of them all last Friday.

Did you notice that Pinochet is referred to on DumFox news as the Chilean “Strongman”? Not tyrant, criminal, despot, dictator or whatever… Strong Man… has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

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