Giving thanks

My third grade twins were asked in school last week to write down three things they were thankful for. Both wrote that they were thankful for family, friends, the earth. Under each category they were asked to elaborate a bit. Under family, my little girl wrote that she was thankful for Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters.

My little boy, however, had a different take on the assignment. He wrote that he was thankful that his family was supportive, funny, and “willing.” Willing. How cute. Willing to do what? He didn’t really say.

Upon reflection I know that I, too, am thankful to the people in my world who are willing. Willing to let me be myself. Willing to forgive my indiscretions. Willing to hike with me on a snowy morning. Willing to be spontaneous and funny and engaging. Willing to offer words of encouragement or words of advice. Willing to confront me when necessary. Willing to love me, come what may.

I want to learn a lesson from my son, accidentally wise beyond his years, and be more willing.

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2 Responses to Giving thanks

  1. Avatar Tony says:

    Hey, Marie, me and my kid went hiking out at Red Rock today. It would be nice to get your 2 twins together with my kid, and maybe do a hike together sometime. I hope they like dogs?

  2. Avatar marie says:

    Yes, Devon and Ryan have met your daughter. They did that cute thing that only children can do where they sort of stare at each other, mouths agape, openly interested.

    We like to hike. The kids are fine with dogs. Let’s plan something soon.

    Have a great T-giving. I’m going to Denver to be with my family. I’m taking all of the kids. It should be a great day.

    Go Broncos. Beat KC.

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