Hezbolla is HizbAllah

Hizb’Allah means the Party of God. The party of Allah. The allegiance to god is clear in the spelling Hizb’Allah. This is the way Moslems spell it, this is how al-Jazeera spells it. Even Hizballah or Hezballah is more clear.

The western press however likes to call it Hezbolla. Why? Ebola?

Hizb’Allah is a legitimate political party with popular support in Lebanon and wide support from Shia Moslems throughout the region.

What if al-Jazeera started spelling Christian Coalition as the Coalition of Cretins? How would Americans feel? Would we be insulted that Moslems would see us less as warriors for Jesus and more like self-righteous ignoranuses?
It is not.

Allah, by the way, is not the name for the god of Islam. It is not a proper noun like Yahweh or Jehovah. It is the Arabic word god.

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