What are you if you do not know the bad you are doing, or justify it because the best you can do right now is follow orders? Are you guilty of bank robbery if you only drove the getaway car?
Did you murder the children in Haditha if you merely delivered the mail to the person who serves the food to the person who shuffled the paperwork for the person who maintained the landing gear of the plane which flew the Bradley Armored Vehicle which carried the soldiers to Haditha to execute the women, children and fathers in the head at point blank range?

Aren’t you a little bit ignorant to believe that you played not an insignificant part in enabling that tragic crime among countless others? Aren’t you somewhat quite the asshole for rationalizing an excuse for yourself?

Go to the brig and serve your time sooner than facilitate more crime against humanity. You are not powerless, you can say no. It will require tremendous self-sacrifice, but the hardships will pale in comparison to the dishonor with which you are already going to live.

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