Support our snively troops

Vandalism at Camp Casey
We’ve had a spate of vandalism at Camp Casey of late. It’s usually the same thing: lights broken, cinder blocks smashed, chairs upturned, fire pit stolen, banners torn and taken. They’ve taken STOP THE WAR, END WAR, WHAT NOBLE CAUSE, DEMOCRACY DEMANDS NON-VIOLENCE and many others. We simply make more. But they always leave the banner that reads SUPPORT OUR TROOPS – BRING THEM HOME NOW. What self-serving ninnies!

There might be well-intentioned, ordinary Americans caught up in Bush’s lies, out in Iraq and Afghanistan thinking they are protecting our freedoms. But they are killing innocents. They are murdering innocents. They are aiding and abeiting their fellow soldiers who are murdering innocents. At some point we’d have to say that being an idealist idiot cannot be an excuse.

Let me at these troops we’re supposed to support. I’ll spit in the face of every one of them. Idiots. Moral degenerates. Cowards. They’re afraid to do the right thing and resist immoral orders, afraid to face the brig instead of putting themselves in the position to be forced to kill innocent Iraqis and Afghanis. I sympathize with every one of them but I respect not a one. They are all cowards, idiots, killers, or scum. And their parents are indefensible.

Bring the troops home, yes. To save the lives of innocents. What should I care about the soldier’s lives? Three years into this war, it would be fair to say they’ve earned what’s coming to them in this life or the next. Cowards and bastards every one.

I’ve gotten so much heat for writing this. As I deserve. I’ve met active duty soldiers who are fine human beings, whom I like, all with their own stories of how they were caught up in what’s happened. A number are involved in the anti-war effort. I applaud their actions and really my original sentiment was harsh.

I do believe that the end of this war will have to come, as it did in Vietnam, when the soldiers themselves refuse to serve. When soldiers say no, when officers fear that their men will not follow, is when the Pentagon tells the President that this war is over.

It’s a tall order to ask of a common soldier, but it would not be a selfless act. Opting to go to the brig would be wiser than risking a tour of duty with IEDs, PTSD, permanent moral trauma, exposure to DU, the Anthrax vaccine, etc.

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  1. I understand the outrage behind this but I think you are dead wrong in your assessment.

    The imdividuals involved in the intentional murder of civilians must be held accountable for their actions. But, those individuals do not represent the majority of people in uniform, anymore than our corrupt political leaders represent the majority of Americans.

    The only ‘support’ any of us can offer our troops and the people of Iraq is to continue demanding that the troops be brought home. Damned few of them actually want to be there.

    Let’s not recreate the class divisions that hampered the anti Vietnam war movement.

  2. Eric,

    I can’t believe you wrote that. I hope someday you’ll take it back, many of us don’t want to be there, many of us know its wrong. I think people in the anti-war movement that are below the age of 42 should enlist and show their anti-war mentality while serving. Watch SIR No SIR, you’ll understand what I mean.

  3. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for writing. I have seen SIR No SIR, a documentary about the organized anti-Vietnam-war efforts from within the ranks of American soldiers, efforts which ranged from publishing underground papers to fragging their officers.

    Forgive me for not giving current anti-war soldiers credit for refusing their missions. Maybe resistance with the ranks in Iraq is invisible as yet. How would you suggest we get the ball rolling?

    Your idea that activists sign up for military duty themselves to foment internal resistance is rather novel. You can’t do the right thing, you want us to do it for you? Tell me, will you be helping or impeding us while we try? Are we to forgive you for not having the courage to join us as well? Where is your sense of responsibility?

    You are also thinking activists can do more than you can. This effort requires nothing greater than the common man taking a stand. Lending more bodies to the war machine would only give it more fodder.

    The war-making is not going to stop until the fodder begins to resist. Step up to the plate.

  4. WOW!, So you want me to get up off the couch (or whatever) and get medically cleared so that I can join the military again to do the work of the peace movement. I was medically retired due to the injuries that I occured while being in Iraq, but you still want me to sign back up. How much more should I give. What has this peace movement done except for making a mother from California a movement hero, thats it. Instead of attacking the american soldier, how about having a real plan to stop the war. If your a coward just say so, I’ll understand, since only 1% of americans are actually serving, all the others are getting a tax break to include you and the working peace brothers and sisters. So continue to be anti-soldier, that may stop the war. Click the link below to see what I mean. Here’s another anti-soldier organization:

  5. Jeez Jeff.
    First of all, I am thankful to you and similar soldiers for speaking out against the current war. I do think what you are doing is brave as much as it is thankless.

    I hope you see that I am not really addressing you when I’m asking other soldiers to step up. My stern admonishments are really intended for those active duty soldiers who know what they are doing in Iraq is wrong, but are waiting to get back home before they say anything.

    Jeff, I’m not asking you to do anything for anybody other than yourself and your own sense of right and wrong. Did you kill any innocent Iraqis? Were you an accomplice to their killings? Are you atoning for that on a couch?

    Peace is not the sole responsibility of the Peace Movement anymore than committing crimes against peace was yours. Peace will take all of us. Just because no plan has worked yet does not mean we won’t keep at it.

    Jeff, your speaking against war is brave. But I’m not giving you any credit for bravery for playing following-the-leader into a criminal war.

    Why has it become my business to have to undo the havoc wreaked by soldiers who didn’t have the sense or conscience to say no? Bush is a bastard, but he didn’t get anywhere without you. Now I have to be a goddamn full-time anti-war activist to mitigate your crimes.

    Our Camp Casey protest site flies in the face of PTSD loons and rednecks who are armed. How dare you suggest I’m a coward?

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