These colors do run

Save our soldiers from prosecutionWell looky here…These colors do run… straight to their mommies when they unload their weapons into civilians and for once get caught.
The website is called save the soldiers, sign their petition if you’re inclined. They want people who “support our troops no matter where they are or what their mission is…”

Their poster depicts GI Sebastian being pierced with arrows from the Left, from Murtha, and from the Mainstream [sic] Media. And look at the bull’s eye: “Haditha Propaganda.”

But looky in the news: more evidence of the atrocities committed in Haditha, even worse than had yet been reported, revealed by photos found traded among the soldiers themselves. Of women executed while cowering for mercy. Some of the pictures even set to music on somebody’s Playstation.

All along the soldiers were telling a different tale, crying that they were being falsely accused. The Iraqis meanwhile tried to get their story out, including the testimony of a young girl who survived by playing dead among her dying brothers and sisters. In Haditha twenty four civilians were shot at point-blank in retaliation for a nearby IED.

We’ve learned from returning soldiers that standard US practice after and IED detonation is to shoot every Iraqi within sight. In Haditha there were not enough to kill in the street so the Marines went house to house to execute local families.

We may hope these Marines were just bad apples. But as much as the military is defending these bad apples, it makes me think bad apples are the norm. And as we’ve learned from other episodes, bad-apple-hood is systemic and sanctioned by Rumsfeld himself.

Take a look at the pictures from the Marine training at Parris Island. There’s a mural depicting our enemies against which the soldiers discard their empty beer bottles. The Marine apple basket is likely rotten to the corps. Who’s gonna tell the mommies?

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