Imagine the tubes being bright whiteThe iMac, iTunes. These terms are self explanatory aren’t they? The “i” used to denote internet, but Apple somewhere appropriated it for all its signature accouterments: iDock, iChat, iMovie, iPhoto et al. And the iPod has ushered a cascade of third party after-market iProducts: iBlaster, iSpeaker, iToenailClipper, iEtc. Again, all with names quite descriptive of their purpose. Even with the esoteric spin-offs: iDog, iPup, iGuy, iLittlePony.
But what is an iPod?

So what of the iPod itself? What does the Pod in iPod mean? Pod of Orcas? Peas in a pod? When I think of Pods in terms of people, I think of Pod People, not unlike the Doctor’s Peppers. I don’t think Apple tries to avoid that suggestion of team spirit. There was a B-movie called Invasion of the Pod People, it was a drive-in knock-off of Invasions of the Body Snatchers. Both concepts featured human replicants grown in vegetable pods. But I think the more recognized example is now from The Matrix, where human beings are grown and kept inside pods their whole lives, tapped of their life energy by the life-less machine world.

Is that where Apple gets the term iPod? People plugged in to the soothing opiate of pop music, wired in, unable to give themselves a free moment to think, to experience their ears for their intended purpose, people undulating complacently, willing to subject themselves to the basest, most soilent, commercial effluent needed to sustain their pod self lives. The veal industry force feeds their calves a mixture of milk and blood because it’s cheaper for us and because the poor boxed animals can’t object, they are wired in.

5 thoughts on “iPeople

  1. Guess what Eric gave me for Christmas? Yep. You guessed it. An iPod. I guess he wants me to undulate complacently……

  2. “Soothing opiate of pop music…?”
    My oh my, Eric. I know for a fact that you have not been living under a rock this last year, but I must question your knowledge of the music world. Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, you name it…..is and always has been an expression of our culture and this last year held some increasingly valid protest music in all genres. Or maybe you didn’t hear it? Or possibly you are too “wired” into your laptop?
    Maybe you can borrow Marie’s IPod.

  3. Bruce Cockburn – “Tell the Universe”
    Neil Young – “Living With War” the entire album
    The Beastie Boys – “In a World Gone Mad”
    Steven Taylor – “Go Down, Congress”

  4. Flogging Molly : Kiss my Irish a..
    Dropkick Murphys F.. you, I’m drunk.
    I get a kick out of the really offbeat songs.

    Didn’t it used to be that religion was the opiate of the people?
    Of course at the Colossal Platter oops I mean Super Bowl, which empties churches early, shows where America’s true worship is, there are more commercials for beer than anything else.
    Maybe Opiates are the religion of the people.

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