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Cheech & Chong concert “Get it Legal” tour: Mid October at Pikes Peak Center

Just a thought from the headline. You know how some people can get together and recite all the lines from say “Let’s Make a Dope Deal” or sing Black Lassie complete with the lead in of “thish is Horrendo Revolver … Continue reading

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We live among gods and demigods

I know a someone who’s studying Greek mythology. He isn’t very impressed and told me so, probably baiting me. He fixed me in the eye and said “Put it this way, I’m not going to care about it in college.” … Continue reading

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Case of curious cellphone, bandana and Greyson Chance’s perfect microphone

PT Barnum would have been a terror on Youtube –I’m certainly sobered to see what fools America every time. Is sudden-tween-throb Greyson Chance’s talent for real? Too soon to say. But the 6th grade sound man at Cheyenne School of … Continue reading

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Speaking of books… Tim LaHaye.

Tim LaHaye. OK, so that says a LOT in just two words. I know what the Non-Christian opinion is, now for a Christian voice. The dude is selling a Study Bible with a fold out graphical timetable from the start … Continue reading

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Three meals away from revolution

The phrase is oft quoted, but no one knows who originated it –or, even if it’s true. It could just be an old pharah’s wives tale. But Obama buys it: from the people who brought you hope.gov we’ve now come … Continue reading

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Addict, pederast dies, much fanfare

But let’s look past the innuendo and unproven transgressions, to celebrate the man’s contribution to the cannon of Western popular music product. Please! I hear celebrities dismiss the allegations of Michael Jackson’s pedophilia like too much water under the bridge, … Continue reading

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TWILIGHT vampires resemble predators of the less mystical sexual variety

TWILIGHT- For those parents who have unwittingly encouraged their daughters to delve into Twilight, where our episodic fascination with Dracula lore is adapted for the young adult romance genre, be forewarned that author Stephenie Meyer may have fogged her rose-colored … Continue reading

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Obama Madonna Sanjaya Brangelina

John McCain might be confusing his rival Barack Obama for a Britney- type celebrity for an obvious reason, his solo moniker. Obama’s name recognition is not just a sound-byte, it’s a single bite. Electoral product Obama makes a spiffy commercial … Continue reading

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Product Obama

“At the time when the American military industrial complex is despised around the world, [Barack Obama] is a front man out of central casting which will buy it more goodwill and new room to maneuver in the first 15 minutes … Continue reading

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The Beatles were counter-revolutionary

Much as the world adores The Beatles, would it not be instructive to note that they led the forces of passivism, and lost, thankfully, to the urgent demands of passionate youth ignited by the imperative to upturn the old world order. Continue reading

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Raise awareness to the CAUSE of cancer

Look at all that pink respect for breast cancer! Breast cancer awareness, I mean to say. As Marie has pointed out, women’s basketball over the weekend was draped in custom pink uniforms for the cause of cancer. “Cause” is an … Continue reading

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For dummies, morons or complete idiots

A friend of mine says the best guide to constitutional law among titles he’s surveyed is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the U.S. Constitution. I’d prefer the 70’s era light-hearted For Beginners incarnation as a recommendation. Not just because that … Continue reading

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Britney -just what big pharma ordered

No need to address alcohol or drug abuse, there’s a quick fix with psycho meds. Britney Spears could serve as an example for reform and rehabilitation or she can be a poster child for blaming our actions on ambiguous mental frailty. Continue reading

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Shtrength, Shtrong, Shtreuth!

Streuth! Where did an “sh” sound introduce itself into pronunciations of “str?” Is it Cracker Ebonics like “libary” or “aks” expecially? Who says “SHtrong” beside southern idiots like the current president? I now hear the god-awful mispronunciation on the lips … Continue reading

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Build it [in SL] and they will come

There’s an interesting trait of human nature I see playing out on the ever opening expanses of the Internet. It’s evident in dramatic relief too in Second Life. I suppose it’s the combination of man’s entrepreneurial spirit and the Protestant … Continue reading

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Young people don’t bother going through the motions

The Gazette Christmas edition had a breakdown chart of El Paso County voting last election. It showed that more people vote from the morgue in this county than vote if they are aged 40 and under. Well almost! Half the … Continue reading

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Ugly Dolls more than skin deep

Do you remember several years ago, when Ugly Dolls crawled out of the Cabbage Patch like that season’s Troll Doll? We have an obsession with fugly. Except they were trendy, hand sewn in someone’s attic and sold at exclusive boutiques, … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t support the troops?

May I ask -who do you know doesn’t support the troops?   Is there someone you need to encourage to show more support for the troops?   No one? Then why the sticker? Support the troops? You do. You want … Continue reading

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Evolve in comfort of your own home

My friend Richard sent this Christmas gift tip for Heartland State families:   EVOLUTION BOARD GAME “Race around the board and up the evolutionary ladder as you draw, decode, decipher, act, mime and even read minds.”

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Let’s not save those ‘damsels in distress’ in Muslim countries…OK?

One of the great US excuses for occupying Afghanistan with troops intermittently flowing forth from the neocon-controlled corporate press, was that American civilization was liberating Afghan women from their cruel men of the Taliban. It was a propaganda crumb thrown … Continue reading

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Jesus vs. Santa rivalry is nothing new

A holiday detente: As Easter sprung from fertility celebrations befitting the rebirth of spring, so Christmas originated from offerings of the season’s greetings to the winter solstice. And while Christians might have taken over the party, they’ve had to retain … Continue reading

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Iraqi Oil for Beginners

Iraqi Oil for Beginners is artist-in-exile Jon Sack’s account of a century of Iraq history dominated by the fight over its oil. The 31-page comic can be ordered through the publisher Voices in the Wilderness UK or from Housmans.   … Continue reading

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Support ‘Our’ Troops?

Let’s say it up front and bluntly. The often heard litany that we must support the troops is really Code for those who say we must continue to support the entire Pentagon-founded corporate welfare system that the rich use to … Continue reading

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We have met the neighbor and he is us

I love Spongebob Squarepants. The show and the person. I revere his inimitable optimism. Patrick I find likewise adorable for his straightforward ineptitude. Squidward would be the foil obviously, a sort of puritan Malevolio ill-joy, a neighbor like Mr. Wilson … Continue reading

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Synergy to the Nth, where N is negative

A miracle of corporate cross pollination. What have we here? Lego Group cum Lucas Arts cum Nintendo? We might have celebrated this as synergy if the product didn’t look like hillbilly inbreeding. Computer animation can do no better than smiley … Continue reading

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