Millions of women injured yearly from outlawing abortions

Outlawing abortions has the same effect as outlawing drug use or outlawing prostitution. In all 3 cases, the ‘remedy’ makes things much worse than the supposed ‘crime’ does by itself. Untold misery always occurs when other people insist on inserting their ideas of morality into the law, and therefore onto others that do not share those beliefs. Right, Ted? Why force people into having kids when they cannot support them, or even themselves?

A BBC article discusses the results of a study about the effects on women’s health of outlawing abortions throughout much of the globe. But can such a study truly tell the whole story? Can it document the effects of all those unwanted children born to women that had their abortions blocked by repressive laws? Can it document what it is like to be those children born into poverty stricken families overloaded with other unwanted kids?

4 thoughts on “Millions of women injured yearly from outlawing abortions

  1. “Untold misery always occurs when other people insist on asserting their ideas of morality onto others that do not share those beliefs.”

    Well said, Tony (hic). We should all be allowed to do whatever we (hic) want, whenever we want, wherever we want.

    Has a study on the effects of misogyny (hic) on women’s health been performed? I’d like to see those results (hic) one of these days.

  2. Yes, there have been studies of the effects of misogyny and how it effects women’s health. In fact, there are studies of anything and everything under the sun. We live in the Grand Age of Science!

    Some of these studies are valid, and some of them pure bs. As I mentioned, no study really can lead to total enlightenment regarding the material it examines anyway. As to being allowed to do anything we want? Not necessarily. But on the other hand, why pass a law against an action that makes things yet worse? That has been the effect of laws passed against abortion, against drug use, and against prostitution.

  3. I guess I’ll just have to rely on my own study of misogyny and its effect on my health!

  4. I’m not sure exactly how you see misogyny linked to a study about the effects of outlawing abortion, Marie? Though certainly forcing women to bear unwanted children is not exactly love of women.

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