Spilling the beans about Donald Rumsfield

Well it has come to this. Janis Karpinski, ex-US general in charge of the Abu Ghraib prison, is ready to spill the beans about her former commander in chief, Donald Rumsfield. See Rumsfield Okayed Abuses And she says she will do it in Germany, where Rumsfield and other top US governmental authorities are actually being tried for war crimes! If somebody had imagined such a scenario a year ago, they would have been deemed insane.

Let’s fact it, America. We’re being led by a group of bloody torturers, thieves, and asssassins. They all deserve to go to jail for their crimes, while we should save mere impeahment for the Democratic Party heavies who went along with the whole Republican scheme to tear Iraq asunder.

Jail Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, and the rest of the sorry group of thugs we currently have running our country, and get our troops entirely out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We should be ashamed of having allowed this level of total corruption to have passed in our supposedly ‘Land of the Free’. It’s more than past time to dump US corporate and governmental corruption out of our public life, simply to keep it from destroying not only us, but also the entire world.

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