Oil pundit

NPR’s Daniel Shore was talking recently about the rising oil prices. He was asked about what factors affect the price of oil. I think Shore’s answer refined punditry.
Shore suggested to use the news of Iran as an example. He explained that “oil prices” would look at developments in Iran and say “Oh my! Iran is creating trouble with its nuclear ambitions!” And as a result the price of oil would rise. (Shall we leave aside this attempt to blame Iran for America’s rising prices at the pump?)
Oh my! Punditry began as political opinion-giving. It became of late an opportunity for the media to give voice to what politicians would not say. Tired of receiving “no comment” from goverment authorities, reporters summarized for themselves. Soon pundits were speaking for the public or “some people” or entire populations or cultures or countries. “Christians” think this, or “China” says that.
Now apparently oil has a voice.

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