Organic food judged by the label

You can judge a book by its cover if the book’s edible and the judgement has to do with how it tastes.

Detractors of organic products like to criticise the label as if it’s some sort of scam. And they’re right, organic labels are hard to enforce. And getting harder. Big agra wants a piece of the organic produce market, and they’re fighting to dumb down the regulations so that they can label their usual crap organic.

But the argument that you cannot trust the organic appelation only flies with a dumbed down public. An organic apple tastes organic. That’s really a lot of the point. It’s healthier, yes, and it tastes quite a bit better.

The general public needs to be told it seems what a food is, because food no longer tastes much like it used to. You have to look at what it says on the bag for example to identify a red delicious.

It occurs to me that Koolaid presented an early challenge like this. You could only taste that it was red. You had to look at the package to see if it was cherry, strawberry, rasberry or none of the above.

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