So long GOP, hello SOP

Blue campaign mugThe GOP is dead, long live the SOP.
That’s my take. If the Dems don’t immediately show the American people their determination to turn Bush’s machinations around, we’re going to see that Democrats and Republicans are the SOP, the Same Old Party.

I could be wrong, because the new congress is getting no help from the media. Post election headlines proclaim the Democratic landslide, but add that the stench of corruption persists over the Legislative Branch. When last did you hear Congress described so? Was Reagan the president? Was it when Congress was in the hands of Democrats? I bet if you close your eyes, you’re picturing Tip O’Neill.

The GOP is the party of big business and big media. It acts at the behest of corporations, and the corporate owned television networks. Naturally the talking heads on TV have to complain if anyone threatens to redo the undoings of the GOP.

The only liberal bias in the media is a presumed intellectual bias. The media personalities look like they’re smart enough that they must be progressive thinkers. That’s an interesting presumption, don’t you think? It’s based on an obvious truth. Smart, honorable people are humanitarian, compassionate, social reformers. The ugly truth is that media people are actually actors, courtiers, con-men and shills running a confidence scam. They are well paid and in the tax bracket of the usual GOP beneficiaries.

It’s fitting that the press and pundits and poll takers are already berating the new congress. It gives me a little optimism that the Dems may act.

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