The ped-o-file

You know those vilesome DemocratsThere must be a file somewhere to which political strategists turn if they need a media diversion.
Is it filled only with pedophiles?
Unpopular war? Bring in Michael Jackson. Really atrocious Zionist behavior? Reel in JonBenet’s wannabe. Congress renounces human rights? Paging Representative Foley.

Apparently Foley had been chasing congressional pages for some time and the GOP knew about it. That’s the point isn’t it?

The GOP lack of concern for the protection of America’s high school pages is less relevant to me than the Republican choice to play the Foley card now. They’re sacrificing one of their own, but look, suddenly the Republican congressman from Florida is not one of their own! According to Fox News, and the AP, Mark Foley is… a Democrat. And Hastert too! Look at that! Those dirty child-buggering Democrats! And right before an election!

Let me say, too, how I think this reflects on the congressional pages. We’re told these are the cream of the crop of America’s high school students. What kind of cream is it that rises to Washington eager to be playthings for politicians? Do we excuse their precociously licentious misbehavior as owed to being star-struck? What kind of high-gradepoint cream is that? Star-struck by pedophilic attention. Are our highschoolers so bright that they recognize immediately how to get ahead in Washington, selling your ass to your elders?

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