The perfect pen

I learned penmanship having to dip pens into inkwells in our desks. Fountain pens were prohibited in class although the later grades were permitted them. I’ll not deny that a Mont Blanc is the ultimate writing utensil, but I’ll add one specification which would make declaring the ideal pen more of a challenge.

Thin line, consistent flow (if not a uniform line, never a dry line), able to flow upward if pen is used against a vertical surface as up against knees while prone for example, comfortable to hold naturally, and nicely designed, all these criteria are absolutely imperative. The kicker, it must be cheap, so as to be able to afford many, so you don’t have to keep a mental note of where one is at all times like your cell phone, so it doesn’t have to be guarded like an heirloom, and can be loaned to a friend, or given.

In fact my friend Dave loaned one to me. He said “don’t say I never gave you anything.” I thought he was being melodramatic. But it was his favorite, a Sanford Uni-Ball Vision Rollerball, 0.3 mm, Fine Point, Black, now currently unavailable. You’ll have to settle for the Pentel Superball Roller Ball Pen, 0.3mm, Blue.

2 thoughts on “The perfect pen

  1. Shhhh, don’t tell Eric. I found the “currently unavailable” Sanford Uni-ball Rollerball, 0.3mm, Fine Point, Black. There will be 2 dozen of them in his stocking Christmas morning. Actually, Dave, we’ll save a few for you!

  2. Kind of like the space pen?
    But if you get a pen that is valuable, there is a neat device you can poach from used remote controls and one salvage teevee, the circuit board is so small you would have to use a magnifying lens to install it, the little beeper chip that you hit the button on the receiver to find your remote.

    It is on my to-do list somewhere between getting organized and Saving The Earth. Also called my Things to do when the day ever comes that I get unlazy.

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