Holiday season anti-war TV spot

Names engraved in stone
A proposed 30 second television commercial aimed at counter-recruitment.

Camera opens on a festive living room where a large extended family is posing for a picture beside the Christmas tree.

Camera moves past family, over an incidental table beneath a window on which sits a framed photo of a soldier in uniform.

Camera keeps moving out the window, through a decorated yard, along sidewalk where a mother is pushing a baby carriage, led by three or four exuberant children.

Camera continues across street to car paused at corner streetlight beside a municipal park. Inside a young couple is talking, holding hands.

Camera moves through car, over shoulder of driver, lingering on young woman in the passenger seat smiling [nearly at camera] at the driver, then continues out the window to the park.

Camera floats through snow-covered park in straight line toward a distant monolith, a lone war memorial surrounded by empty park benches.

Camera closes in on list of engraved names, narrowing in on single name.


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