The TV noose

I’ve got an idea whose time has come… I keep wishing. I was watching TV and just grew so tired of the insolent lies. Condi was lying to Larry King, King being disingenuous, Condi was making preposterous statements, later McCain was making more things up, so were the other pundits and correspondents and anchors, all of them lying.

It made me yearn for that happy day when they will be made to atone. Which clearly isn’t about to happen now. And I despair if they’re going to weasel out of responsibility later. “I didn’t hmm. I had no idea. Who would have guessed.” Gosh.

If you think any of these cretins is so stupid, you haven’t thought about it enough. All knew better. In a better world it will be the penal system for all of them.

In the meantime there’s the TV Noose.

Here’s how it works: Make a noose or cut out a facsimile. Affix it to the top of the television, above the screen, so that it hangs down over the screen. Now you can imagine the cretin hanging before you. Visualize it. Make it happen. Will it to happen. Savor it. And practically everyone on TV who will grace your noose will actually have it coming.

Maybe it can lower your blood pressure and lessen your anxiety about whether the criminals will ever meet justice.

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