This week in American football, Georgia plays Russia

Sandwiched in between Russia and Turkey, the American state of Georgia is located. It wasn’t always this way, but the shifting waters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have now relocated their currents into the Black Sea. Team Georgia is now playing with a new quarterback, George W. Bush, and though a traditional underdog, it is now favored to take the game hard and offensively against Russia.

Yes, Fans! For the best coverage of this exciting lineup, check out the web site. Expect quite a clash between these two ethnic groups as we head into the Fall season. The quarterback of the Russian team is an experienced pro known for making quite astute calls under the most difficult circumstances. Rash young Dubya, quarterback of the Georgia team, will have his hands full in trying to match the intellectual abilities of his opposite. Anything could happen in this explosive matchup. So stay tuned if you can get any coverage at all in the daily American press.

This promises to be possibly the most exciting matchup since Pakistan met India in its nuclear rivalry.

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