When have humanists been wrong?

May this thought-bubble hover over your head like a personal black cloud:

When in all of human history have community activists turned out to be wrong? Human rights? Religious freedom? Liberty? Peace?

Do you think they’re selfish? Self-serving? Do you think they enjoy setting aside their many-varied pursuits of happiness to address and protest injustice?

And I’m sorry if I cannot restrain myself from wagging my finger as I ask this:

When in all of human history have people who opposed the humanists ever proven to be anything other than bigots, idiots, criminals, courtiers, bastards, or apathetic ethnocentric mis-educated sloths? Godfuckingdammit get out of the way!

1 thought on “When have humanists been wrong?

  1. On the other side of that same coin, when have the self-righteous, “moral”, fundamentalist christians ever been on the right side of an issue?

    Slavery, a women’s right to vote, interracial marriage, etc., – always on the wrong side.

    As one activist once put it, “you can judge a tree by it’s fruit…”

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