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Springs municipal judge gives blessing to lucrative yet illegal I-25 speed trap.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.- Local municipal court judge Matthew Ramirez was presented with evidence today that the city is operating an UNJUSTIFIED SPEED LIMIT TRAP in the construction zone at the intersection of Highway-24 and Interstate-25. Though drivers are regularly cited for exceeding a 30mph speed limit, the posted speed does not meet the 85% compliance rule, nor the "pedal test" for enforceable speed reductions. Both are characteristics of improper and legally unenforceable "speed traps". Plus, it turns out, 30pmh is not even the minimum speed required to cross under I-25 before the traffic light turns red. 51608

Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street

"Someone feeling wronged is like someone feeling thirsty. Dont tell them they arent. Sit with them and have a drink." --Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street protests 28559

Nominate Julian Assange for a Nobel? Time Person of the Year? No, jail him.

I Am Just Sick. Julian Assange arrested, denied bail, confined to a UK jail cell deemed unsuitable for Bush, Blair or their murderous peers. Britain even assured Israel that its war criminals could visit England without fear of politically motivated arrest warrants. So much for the Assange-is-Mossad rumor. Arrested for what? Publishing evidence of governments conspiring against their peoples' interests, in their own words? Really, what's next for our pretense of Democracy? 20743

Police poster offering from CrimethInc

Per the Blatant murder of Oscar Grant and the Pig who forced him to lay down face down on the concrete before shooting him in the back, and the Reverse Kangaroo Court giving him the lightest possible charge one can obtain after Killing Another Human Being...   For those who haven't the wit to understand, CrimethInc is a deliberate play on the ThoughtCrime word made up for the novel "1984" by Eric Blair. 18599

Would you sell your kid for 253 dollars?

That's what the people of Bhopal India were told to do when the "compensation" was announced 24 years ago. That's after 2 years of LawyerFights over Limited Liability and "Tort Reform". The Reaganites including Ron Paul, the Dad-part of the Paul and Paul Father-son Hate Team, rather than celebrate the judgment of 12,400 rupees per each dead Indian, bitched and whined that it was Too Much. 17896

Judicial delinquents

In a country where the politicians appoint judge- ships, this story stands out about how totally corrupted our US Legal System actually is. Pennsylvania judges accused of jailing kids for cash. An aberration, or par for The System? I think PAR myself.

More strange American ‘law’

What would happen if the police had the evidence on any other Tony, Eric, Dick, or Peter, that any one of us three had paid for a prostitute? I ask this, since I once was almost a victim of police entrapment by a female cop decoy that I innocently enough offered a ride from inside a convenience store. She kept begging me to pay her for sex! Luckily when I didn't bite, she finally got out of the car, and the next day I read about her policing activities in the daily paper. Close call. 5449

The Whites win this one against the great Orange Juice Simpson

The media is so muted this time around. Racism in America is so volatile that a concrete channel for it must always be built by the ruling class and the damns only opened up to the common (religious) folk under the most controlled circumstances. Arab racism is now allowed to flow at a heavy rate along with anti-Latino/ anti-immigrant worker racism, but anti-Black racism can only be opened to a trickle at this time. So how to handle the OJ Simpson verdict to keep the levees intact? 5007