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  1. I’m NOT a Rammstein fan – but I still enjoyed this video.

    It reminded me of many things.

    First – and most obvious is the American attitude of “tourism” – which for many – is a gross extension of their fundamental philosophies about life. “We’re all here for the ride, why not enjoy it.”

    Musically, I recall the side project by the band U2 – their “filmscore” band called “Passengers”. Somehow that tangent seems relevant – because if we (Americans) are nothing more than global playboys and tourists – then we also must admit that the rest of the world feels like “passengers” – haplessly watching if while we throw the bone and capture it on hi-res film for the Kodak scrapbook of our charitable moment.

    The other thing I thought of while watching this film – is the “Space Cowboy” song by Steve Miller. Beyond political knowledge, beyond drugs, sports, personal develepment and or solstice – Americans love their “Space”.

    It’s not that everyone should be ashamed of having a “past” or a
    “closet” – but sometimes I can’t help but wonder the luxury of justifying such large closets.

    Ego is so pervasive, and some people will say anything just to maintain the space between.

    Now – aside from all these questions – I confess I still admire/yearn the remote hope of space exploration and travel. Somewhere in the umbilical suit was a hope that borders would succumb to understanding, and life would come to respect all life.

    A picture is worth a 1000 words. Underneath those 1000 words is the same hope of discovery.

    Then along comes the conquistidors to blow up the dream, and sell the fragments.

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