Artillery fodder, and cheap!

I’ve got an algebra problem for you. If there are approximately the same number of private contractors, which we’ll denote as (m) -for mercenaries, as there are reservists and active duty soldiers, which we’ll denote as (s), in Iraq; and if each mercenary (m) earns ten times as much per day as a soldier (s); how much of the supplemental war allocation is slated to “support the troops?”

Thus we have m = 10s and therefore s = $103,000,000,000 / 11

Except that it’s really 103,000,000,000 – p, where (p) is the amount of money going to the weapons industry to replace the missiles and bombs we are going through like potato chips. Not to mention minus (r) reconstruction, (a) administration and (g) graft.

If Bush is concerned that Congress is denying the soldiers their funding, in favor of earmarking the funds for pork, how much of Bush’s allocation is destined for his pork, and how much to the soldiers? It’s a COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED GUESS but I bet high tech weapons makers get $34 billion, administration and graft get another $33, leaving the mercenaries $33, and our troops $3.

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