Bad Paste

March on Washington SEPT 15How even and just is our American law! We are all equal under the law, both rich and poor, if we use bad paste. Big bad paste in protest of the US’s current genocide of the Iraqi people even.
No wonder our wonderful law enforcement officers had to throw the book at these DC rif-raf. Police break up meeting of subversive pasters This is the type of strict law enforcement that makes our courts such wondrous theaters!

Judge ‘DC Warren’ to the jurors, “There will be no discussion of The War allowed at all in my courtroom. This is strictly whether or not if a municipal violation has occurred or not. You must decide if there is absolutely no doubt in all your minds that the defendants did use unlawful and illegal paste, and that matter alone. If you think without any reasonable doubt that they did use illegal paste then you must convict.”

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