Cindy Sheehan talks about her break from the Democrats

WSWS has an interesting interview on their website with Cindy Sheehan. More than anybody else Cindy Sheehan has come to personify the American Antiwar Movement.

We will be hearing a lot less about her views in the press, simply because the Democratic Party wants people not to hear her message even more than George W. Bush himself wants that. She no longer is useful to the Democratic Party liberal voter types in helping them be better Bush bashers. How they suffer from losing Cindy…

Not that Bush shouldn’t be bashed, but so should the Democrats themselves. Their corporate handlers also want constant warfare just like the Republican do, since it’s so very good for business even if not so good for humanity. Thank goodness that Cindy Sheehan has had the courage and honesty to stand up to both these corporate, war mongering parties.
Cindy Sheehan interview

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  1. Avatar kv says:

    Thanks for the updae on Cindy and for a forum for Cynci and Peace Party supporters to stand in agreement.

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