Can a congress-critter be impeached?

Specifically congressman Goode of Virginia. I’m not sure of the constitutional procedures for removing such.
However, I read one of the links on the left side of the homepage. On the colorado media reporting. Anyhow he shot himself and his whole party in the foot, big time. He very pointedly said that he, rather than defend the constitution as it stands, intends to pass a law specifically to prohibit the free exercise of religion. I know more about the Bill of Rights than the articles of the Constitution, but passing an unconstitutional law is strecht verboten.
The R’s have this big immigration push going. They keep tossing out that old bone about they have no objections to people who are here legally. And the equally false idea that the immigration laws are not racially inspired.

But what he said, and here is the impeachable part, “I am reforming immigration laws so no Muslim will ever again run for Congress!” whoa, partner.
He is declaring his personal intent to knowingly break the law. The arrogance of it blows my mind.
Next question, should we call them on it now or provoke similar responses from other sponsors of the bill?
Which would show a clear pattern on their parts. Either way, he has (probably unknowingly) killed that bill before it gets to committee. It needs a concerted outcry to push it over the edge, but there are enough people in america who are totally and completely cheesed off over the prospect of being told not only who we can vote for. but now being told who we are FORBIDDEN to vote for.

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  1. Or if Ellison gets appointed to the committee….. since the D’s are the majority in both houses now.

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