Closed door policy at Senator Allard’s

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This is building security manager Del Suhr blocking our way to Senator Wayne Allard’s office in the Plaza of the Rockies. He told us, in less civil words, what we didn’t understand about Iraq, that we were unpatriotic, that we were Taliban, and he refused to let us pass. In the end Mr. Suhr and his staff permitted two of us to ascend to the Senator’s office under escort.

I didn’t want to argue with the mis-educated man, so I suggested only that he might owe it to everyone, especially the dead, to look into the facts without an O’Reilly topspin. You’re rationalizing illegal war and immoral conduct Mr. Neuhauser and it won’t be enough to say later you didn’t know. Bush is going to hang, as surely as the rest of his cohorts, for the highest crimes against humanity, and you were following his orders, keeping the rails greased.

My friends and I were today trying to present a petition to our senator to urge him to reverse his endorsement of Bush’s torture policy. Torture is universally deplored, even our duplicitous leaders dare not admit they allow it, yet the Torture Bill exclusions and the mounting evidence show otherwise. And while victims continue to suffer at the hands of American torturers, you Mr. Suhr stand guard to hold off their hope of rescue.

When justice comes for those victims I’ll bet you will find playing stupid very humbling.

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2 Responses to Closed door policy at Senator Allard’s

  1. Avatar Jon C says:

    Wow, they didn’t even let you guys in this time? Allard is such a welcoming and open host and representative. I hope you guys keep the pressure up out there. There is surprising little activism out here in Boston. peace

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    Oh the pressure is rising all over. I think the only one who can pretend it isn’t is the Chimp.

    I don’t know if he is faking it or not, but he sure does have a convincing air about him as to being a nucking fut.

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