Bush’s bloody speach announces that US will soon attack Iran and Syria

Bush’s speech was notable for not only saying that he would send more US troops to occupy Iraq, but that the US government would soon attack both Iran and Syria, which he accused of arming Iraqi Resistance forces. As the US government turns Iraq into a total hellhole, Bush is deciding on a double or nothing surge to control Iran’s oil, as well as Iraq’s.

Of course, there is no direct announcement that this is the actual goal of all the American directed bloodshedding, but the pretense of occupying Iran to help Arabs out is totally obvious to all the world now, minus only some particularly obtuse Americans. Going also, is the idea that this global war by the US government has anything to do with stopping terrorism. If anything, the US seems determined to help flare up non-state terrorism worldwide, rather than stopping it. Our US government state terrorism machine needs non-state resistance to keep itself intact. This is similar to how US cops have actually fed more drug trafficking, rather than moved to diminish it. Cops need ‘drugs’, while soldiers need ‘terrorists’ in today’s Machiavellian US Empire. Or at least the commanders-in-chiefs and generals do.

It sounds like a parrot to repeat the obvious once again, but the Democratic Party is half the problem, and not even half of any solution to this neocon-colonialist campaign to steal Third World oil. Sitting around and waiting for a Ted Kennedy or other to come superhero-like to the rescue will lead us down a dead alley. A dead alley of national bankruptcy, both moral and fiduciary. Time to do a little more to oppose the direction we are being herded to, or we as a nation suffer a lot more pain quite very shortly. Voting alone is just not going to do it.

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