4 thoughts on “Crash

  1. I know, I know, Wall Street rallied once again. Yet, we are still in a Crash and the whole world is worried about the effects of this US Crash on the world economy. Never mind the sad last efforts by the US government to rally around the devaluing dollar once again. It is a delusional rally at best.

    There is still more bad news and this time it has to do with Peak Oil Theory and the very real fact that supplies of oil are declining fast. This will begin to impact the world economy in ways that now are only being imagined. Below is info from the report just published by the Energy Watch Group.

    The Economy is the news they are trying to put off telling the people about. The Republicans and Democrats both have not even the beginning of any real solutions for the real economic problems the US is facing alongside the rest of the world, other than just more WAR.

  2. Today from the BBC- ‘US dollar touches a new euro low
    The value of the dollar has been on a downward spiral
    The US dollar tumbled to yet another new low against the euro, as speculation mounted that US interest rates would be cut again next week.’

    The US economy is seriously, seriously in bad shape. A ship wreck is what Hillary will inherit after going along with Dubya for 8 years. Thank you Clintons.

  3. This will be a most unMerry Christmas in the US. The dollar is being shorn as the world’s principle currency, the stock market is crashing, the price of oil is going over $100 per barrel, and the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

    Here is today’s stock market report… http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7114186.stm
    We are heading into the Mother of All Crashes.

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