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Sorry no, Reich is not the resistance.

Robert Reich is great. His historical analysis is sound, though hardly radical. His economics challenge the dominant media narrative. If his illuminations work for you, fine. But sorry no, Robert Reich is not the resistance. Reich is only playing the … Continue reading

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I could have been an olympian

But I just don’t give three quarters of a fat rat’s rectal orifice. On the other hand, the jingoism expressed at the downtown parade celebration flustercluck whatever it was was just overbearing. Hey, watching sports is not a measure of … Continue reading

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Can a currency system be localized?

A friend of mine is studying alternative money systems in Boulder, and has solicited input from her varied professional circles. Here are the questions she poses about localizing community transactions: What is money? What does money do? What are certain properties … Continue reading

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Marx professor David Harvey offers take on Crises of Capitalism, illustrated

CUNY Distinguished Professor David Harvey offers a 13-part online reading of Das Capital, Volume 1. But catch this mesmerizing dry- erase presentation of Harvey’s talk THE CRISES OF CAPITALISM.

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Bob Edwards asks “We still Top Dog?”

Longtime neo-liberal shill and NPR war drummer Bob Edwards consults a soothsayer to placate his weekend audience’s fears about where their hopeful handbasket appears to be headed. To his question about the USA still being top dog, the economic clairvoyant’s … Continue reading

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Vaneigem on energy as commodity

NMT’s in-house Situationist has been conceptualizing a way forward well expressed in this May 2009 interview of Raoul Vaneigem: “We are being “offered” biofuels on the condition we agree to transgenic rapeseed farming. Eco-tourism will accelerate the plundering of our … Continue reading

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The economic quicksand that sinks us

Funny how it is that when both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party both have the same economic program, that so many of the same actors are pointing fingers at each other? But then again what could we really … Continue reading

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Apres nous, le Depression

If it matters what to call this financial crisis, what is it? Is America in a recession? When does a deep recession approach a depression? When is an economic crash revealed to be a collapse? Before we can rename the … Continue reading

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A fine mess you got us into, said the fat man to the little man

I’m convinced the economic “mess” we find ourselves in, is of the Laurel and Hardy variety. The iridescent definition of “mess” leads us to infer that our predicament-mess, results from a clutter-mess of options. To hear the parade of experts, … Continue reading

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Who is the economy calling stupid?

Okay, I’ve had enough of our readiness to believe, about the economy, that nobody knows what’s going on. Nobody will tell you what’s going on, is what’s going on. Even my deepest thinking friend tells me, “Eric, they really don’t … Continue reading

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The American dyslexia for economics

The interest rate for banks is down to zero. B of A and Citibank are still charging 39%. What again does economic news have to do with me?   The biggest news on the economy was BREAKING NEWS a week … Continue reading

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Uncle Tom’s Hotel Rwanda

Let’s clear something up for the sake of poetic justice. Uncle Tom was a maltreated slave who bore his burden with dignity. He was no collaborator, no stool pigeon, no upper class of black slave that kept the lower savages … Continue reading

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Save the Copper Cobalt Coltan of Congo?

COpper, CObalt and COltan are among the precious resources we are sucking from the COngo. Could their names too derive from a common origin? We’re hearing suddenly of horrendous atrocities from there, although the Congolese have been suffering for over … Continue reading

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Alan is shocked!!!!!

Alan Greenspan represents more than any individual anywhere, the bipartisan fact that there is no real difference between the 2 chosen parties of our corporate dictatorship here in America. Let’s fact, it… Greenspan has been the darling of both the … Continue reading

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How a ‘credit crunch’ can help kick an economic depression into place

In a system…where the entire continuity of the…process rests upon credit, a crisis must obviously occur — a tremendous rush for means of payment — when credit suddenly ceases and only cash payments have validity. At first glance, therefore, the … Continue reading

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Economic meltdown and the deafening silence of Barack Obama

Barack Obama has had ample opportunity to articulate a different program than George Bush and McCain’s foreign policy of continual war, militarism, and imperialism yet failed to do so. But still possibly some redeeming of his character and political program … Continue reading

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George Will’s vocabulary outshines him

COLORADO SPRINGS- Some people look smaller in person than they do on TV. Many of us only know George Will from newsprint, but in person he’s an organ grinder’s monkey, amusingly agile, if a little threatening, but basically smallish and … Continue reading

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Global economic rapists are at it again

Why protest the G8 Summit July 7-9? Those hoodlums always look so determined. Here’s the rationale by the Emergency Exit Collective: The 2008 G8 on Hokkaido, a Strategic Assessment Emergency Exit Collective Bristol, Mayday, 2008 The authors of this document … Continue reading

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SEIU July 17 protest of private equity

Join the Service Employees International Union, Move-On and Amnesty International to demonstrate for tax reform to curb abuse by private equity firms and buyout barons raiding our jobs and economy.

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Eco-conscious, yes. Sustainable? Hardly.

The First Affirmative Financial Network may be green and may encourage eco-progressive development, but offering investors continued profits based on growing market activity is a far cry from an environmentally sustainable footprint. Continue reading

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An American Socialism?

In the current housing bankruptcy “crisis” which was in fact created by the privately owned Fed through interest rates that reached 1% in 2003 combined with lax oversight of the banks, the bail out now being talked about in Congress … Continue reading

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Death spiral economy

The fascist business model in full view, unapologetic. Unaccountable. The Democrats have no intention of changing it. They have to protect their major donors. Obama is fully backed by Wall Street capitalists. He talks the talk of reform but he … Continue reading

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Knowing we are in over our heads

One reason we have governments, for you inquiring civil libertarians, is for guidance. I can certainly think of two matters which might always evade common man’s grasp: nutrition and economics. In spite of all best efforts to educate a public, … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize impostor to speak at CC

Colorado College, our evolving Neo-Liberal Arts school, has been inviting a slew of globalization advocates to intone on patriarchal economics. The latest, game theory “Cold Warrior” Thomas Schelling, will speak on Thursday, Feb. 21st. Schelling is being lauded as a … Continue reading

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Will economic stimulus avoid recession?

The capitalists system is in meltdown. The apologist candidates won’t tell us what the real problems are because they were asleep at the wheel and have voted in support of and taken part in the corrupt capitalist system. They’re all … Continue reading

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