Election Farce

Saul Landau states the reality well in that we are watching a paid in advance contest between what he calls The Ridiculous Party versus The Disappointing Party. The Rudy and Hillary duet, so to speak.

Our local School District 11 elections are not any different either. In America we get election farce after election farce. We had more choice in choosing cheerleaders in High School than we have in cheering these cheerleaders for the business world. Rah! Rah! Rah!

2 thoughts on “Election Farce

  1. If you don’t like the choices in elections, quit whining and run for office. That’s why the choices suck; those who would be good choices refuse to “dirty their hands” by running. Or don’t want to spend the time doing the job. Or some other excuse. It’s easier to complain.

  2. Charlie, I think its rather stupid to run in elections that are rigged by corporate money from the word go. I think it’s stupid to have faith in an Injustice System that is bought and sold in dollars paid to lawyers. I think it is stupid to support an economic system totally run by a super-rich elite that have nobody’s interests other than their own at heart. I think it rather stupid to be waving the national flag and cheerleading this stupid mess. Get my drift?

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