Holy Land Foundation

The government lost their case, but they will try it again and again and again until a jury finally does what the government orders for it to do, which is to convict. Welcome again to the American Injustice System.

The Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic Charity Organization in the US until the Bush government closed it down and declared, before any conviction and without evidence, that it was a terrorist supporter. Bullshit! It was merely providing charity funds to those hurt by the US foreign policy of US governmental terrorism.

If we were to apply the logic of the government’s case against the holy Land Foundation across the board, then all US banking institutions would have to be closed down for being the material foundation of the US genocide against the Iraqi people. We have the biggest terrorist in the world directly operating out of the US White House, and the WOMD are located right here in Colorado. This is what needs to be closed down.

Let’s support the reopening of the Holy Land Foundation and closing down of the Pentagon’s nuclear bomb arsenal. End US Terrorism Now! End all the US wars of aggression in foreign lands. Close the 700+ US foreign military bases down now.

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