Get ready for Manitou Carnivale parade

Come to the BAC to make costumes or visuals

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2 thoughts on “Get ready for Manitou Carnivale parade

  1. so, is the Manitou decision to call it Carnivale a bit of frog-bashing? It used to be referred to as Mardi Gras in the states at least. Mayhaps a french word or two gets under the skin of the establishment types. Especially now that the Manitou Establishment is trying to shake off the Hippie image.

    Of course, carnival evokes the same images as Mardi Gras does.
    It has a certain mysterious dark foreign connotation.

    Like the manitou village elders supporting the 24 West project, they want to move out the Motel Row with all the durned ol’ furriners owning them.

    Yep, nothing says welcome to america like bitching about immigrants spending their own money to invest in non-subsidized businesses like the hospitality industry.

  2. I noticed that the upper left corner of the picture has a couple of sets of New Orleans style titty beads.

    Do the manitou folks have the same tradition?

    As for the name, folks, in New Orleans the way women request that beads be thrown to them involves a bit of exposure that would look downright stupid if a man did it.

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