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Red White and Brave Welcome Home

Colorado Springs will be hosting a parade on August 29 to welcome troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Its predecessor was a 2004 victory parade, this one is billed as a Red White and Brave Welcome Home. You might shy from holding an antagonistic banner like "I DON'T WORSHIP WAR," but imagine a message draped from a balcony along Tejon Ave! WELCOME HOME, NOW STAY HOME or WHAT HAPPENS IN IRAQ, STAYS IN IRAQ or my favorite, addressed to the 50,000-plus expected to attend: WE'RE CELEBRATING THE MURDER OF HOW MANY CIVILIANS? 8485

Why no ticker-tape parade for veterans?

The IAVA ad depicts a lone soldier returning from deployment, and implies that Americans are indifferent and unappreciative of military service. Ignoring the empathy it solicits from ordinary viewers, for veterans' eyes I think it's a brilliantly subversive message.

DC March on the Pentagon was fueled by a promising alternative energy: youth

WASHINGTON DC- Speakers were still entertaining an impatient crowd, and coffin carriers were mobilizing for the March to the Pentagon, when from the west came the Black Bloc. Bicycle cops in royal blue lycra scrambled to shepherd the group's healthy gallop as they appeared from over the hill to kick the parade to a sudden start. They virtually led the parade over the bridge, until organizers prevailed upon the interlopers to allow the veterans groups to resume the lead, as planned. But it would not be the last initiative from the Anarchists. 7003

Are you in any of the parade pictures?

COLORADO SPRINGS- The Coloradans For Peace parade entry got good coverage this year, from KRDO13, FOX21, and the GAZETTE, which reported the full text of our banner. Reporter Lance Benzel interviewed a number of us, and I was hoping to see one of the responses he was tickled to get from Devon, aged 11. Asked whether she was fazed by sporadic negative responses, she replied "No. They're just uninformed." 6963

Manitou Carnivale!

I posted some photos from yesterday's Carnivale parade in Manitou on Not My Tribe's Facebook page. Very colorful! Go see!

Unsustainably powered lights on parade

COLORADO SPRINGS- There used to be a float in the PARADE OF LIGHTS which set an example for energy conservation. The lights were generator-driven and the admittedly un-flashy vehicle moved along entirely under pedal power. Did it look out of place between the commercial affairs shellacked in Christmas light?