Gitmo spits its victims back out

America has one upped Franz Kafka, whose book The Trial once was the model look at heartless and soulless, authoritarian bureaucracy.

“Someone must have slandered Joseph K,” begins Franz Kafka’s classic novel “The Trial,” “for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

But there was a trial in ‘The Trial’, and at Gitmo there is none. Eight men have recently been released from Gitmo, after being held all for 5 years or more without a trial! America the Beautiful…land of liberty….. Here are their stories.

An after thought, now. Shouldn’t these men at least be given American citizenship at this point if they wish, ICE (new name that La Migra goes by)? I bet they would have a story to tell their brainwashed American neighbors flying their flags.

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