US brokers corrupt deal in Pakistan

“Only corrupt elements would cheer this deal, as they will get a new licence to loot the national exchequer,” Liaquat Baloch, a leader of a coalition of Islamist parties, said.

And that about sums up the deal to save Musharraf by trying to bring back Bhutto. The US has a love affair going with Bhutto, but Pakistan does not. US control over Pakistan is crumbling and this deal is not about to save it. This is a corrupt US government brokering a corrupt deal for Pakistan’s millions.

Meanwhile, the US pushes for more mayhem by getting ready to bring Iran into war, too! And the US public sleeps on…

Benazir Bhutto prepares for return after agreeing deal with Pervez Musharraf is title of report.

2 thoughts on “US brokers corrupt deal in Pakistan

  1. I wonder if the US is aiding those reponsible for the arrest of over 450 people (80 injured) in Santiago, Chile last month during the first national strike to be called by Chile’s largest trade union (CUT) since Prsident Michelle Bachelet came to power. It wouldn’t be the first time…think September 11th 1973. Another 120 demonstrators were arrested during more peaceful protests in the regions last month.

  2. Yes, definitely the US is a big supporter of Chile’s economic disorder that the protesters were mobilizing against.

    Despite decades of the media’s cheering along of Milton Friedman Thought’s take over of Chile’s economic planning, millions of Chileans are less than enchanted with the results from the American made coup of 1973 that has blanketed their country with murder and corruption ever since. There should be a special place in Hell for Milton.

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