6 thoughts on “Guernicar

  1. I’m on my way to Cucuru now to get the best latte in town (it helps that it’s only 2 blocks away). I’ll tell Neil to check this out!

  2. Hey! Thanks for posting my car! You guys rock! Great site too!
    We need more outrageous things to counter all the other outrageous things!

  3. So like is this a west side story?

    I know, that one was lame but somebody had to say it. I think.

  4. I live nearby, too. Never saw that car. If I did I surely would have remembered it.

    Word of advice (learned this from a cop) (amazingly enough)
    If you want to commit a major crime, steal a white pickup, sedan or van for a getaway car. That way they won’t ever find you. True Story!!

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