Spotted on Colorado Springs west side

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6 Responses to Guernicar

  1. Avatar darksandal says:

    That car belongs to artist Neil Fenton. He works at Cucuru on Colorado and 24th street near ma’ house. Swell guy.

  2. Avatar suesun says:

    I’m on my way to Cucuru now to get the best latte in town (it helps that it’s only 2 blocks away). I’ll tell Neil to check this out!

  3. Avatar Neil Fenton says:

    Hey! Thanks for posting my car! You guys rock! Great site too!
    We need more outrageous things to counter all the other outrageous things!

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    So like is this a west side story?

    I know, that one was lame but somebody had to say it. I think.

  5. Avatar Jonah says:

    I live nearby, too. Never saw that car. If I did I surely would have remembered it.

    Word of advice (learned this from a cop) (amazingly enough)
    If you want to commit a major crime, steal a white pickup, sedan or van for a getaway car. That way they won’t ever find you. True Story!!

  6. Avatar Jonah says:

    But that, it would be easy to trace….
    nice art though.

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