Reimagining Guernica and Oaxaca

Mickey Mouse bombs defenseless civiliansThe Smokebrush Gallery has an exhibition of art running through November 19 at its gallery located under the bridge at 218 W. Colorado, on the theme of Pablo Picasso’s epic work in honor of a city destroyed by the Spanish fascists. That city was Guenica, Spain. I enjoyed some of the art I saw during the opening last Friday, and the prices were quite reasonable if one has the desire and money to purchase something there. There was one large painting of Disney Surreal that I liked which was only $200. A total bargain. It would definitely be an attention getter in somebody’s living room, say.

In similar vein to this exhibit, is yet another online video about the events in Oaxaca, which is a surreal montage of video shots mixed with some quite surreal grunge? music. Very effective in communicating the horrors of Mexican government repression in a style that Picasso would certainly have approved of. Check out the sight, and especially the sound, of Reimagining Oaxaca.

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