Homocidal Economy

Capitalism is a homocidal economy. Beyond global warming, fossil fuel depletion (Peak Oil), genocidal and constant warfare by the strong and well positioned against the weak, rampant pollution of our habitat, etc., the greatest threat we all face is that capitalism is exterminating other species, both plant and animal. In fact, many scientists predict that the economic system imposed on us by the corporations will kill off over 50% of current species alive in this century. It is being called the Sixth Great Extinction. Check out the film and also the long list of articles linked to at Mass Extinction Underway.

Tears fail me.

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6 Responses to Homocidal Economy

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    That’s OK, Tony, Slivka will explain it all away, and then we can go run and play and not worry our little heads, the grownups will make all the decisions and of fucking course you have to worry.

    But then, well shit I thought I was going to be able to gloat at least that the rich bastards will fall farther than the rest of will, we’re already down.

    The sad part of it is that even our down is not going to be enough to sustain us.

    But, then again, we’ll have a fresh influx of fat healthy pigs amongst us, unarmed and defenseless,

    And not having a clue about surviving at our social level.

    OK so I am gloating a little bit, but fuck it’s going to be a long difficult haul for all of us.

  2. Avatar The 13th says:

    Thanks for the links and thinks, Tony (& Happy St. Paddy’s!)

    I can’t say that I’ve studied economics, but my gut instinct is that Capitalism is no longer a necessary “motivator” nor a system that propagates anything but proportional ratios of division among the populous. At one extreme it’s the “ol’ sucker born every minute credo”. On the other side it’s Imperial butter spread. If there is middle ground, it’s a restless night of bone chew as reward and teeth look for more grizzle to consume. Exploitation (not enterprise) seems to be the worm within Capitalism.

    It’s not that I expect any nation to change its economic system overnight, but I do wish (at the very least) that our country would regulate in democratic measure, and not by dynamites of wealth and power.

    Terrorism? Our corporations have turned to land mines! Don’t Tread on Them.

    Me? I’m just some worn carpet by Miss Liberty’s staircase. Sometimes I use a rug to cover me. Don’t Tread on Me.

    …but The Lady is a tramp.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yeah, just looking at all those links, 13th, and what they are about is an eye opener, I think. Defenders of capitalism will for some reason tell us that it is the only system that works, but this is just total nonsense IMO. How is killing off all the world’s wildlife ‘working’, pray God tell? They just don’t have an answer for that one it seems.

    Capitalism is turning the world into a giant unlivable cesspool, for us and all life on the planet.

  4. Avatar The 13th says:

    I see Leonardo diCaprio is joining Al Gore’s Truth call with a new documentary about global warming and consumerism called “The 11th Hour” (promos on YouTube currently).

    But alas, it’s still Titanic-land per issues of awareness, earth, and diCaprio. Best to let the sink ship, the artist drown, then role the credits.

    No undercurrents here. Just the float-sum and the jet-set midst the waves. Hello again! Meet you at the tête au coeur so long as there’s still a pulse.

  5. Avatar The 13th says:

    Trent Reznor pulls an Abbie Hoffman on media costs then sings about the sweetest price.

    “… Bet we didn’t make any friends by saying that!”

    Keep your mind free. Support net neutrality and low-cost media. Long live YouTube as it is (was).

    EVERYTHING you think you own? It’s a rental. Just ask your kids…

    (for brother jonah, hope all is well.)

  6. Avatar The 13th says:

    Another HTML code typo per the comment above. Trying again..

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