Karl Rove vs Heinrich Himmler: Get Ready to RRRRRRumble!

Power-behind-the-throne Rove is now under the microscope. His name is Front and Center in Three of the Big Four investigations before Congress this week. The other one is Walter Reed investigation, and the only link to that is his continual firing off at the mouth about any attack on his Beloved Fuhrer.

Power behind the throne Himmler, on the other hand, wasn’t a household name in Deutschlander households until AFTER the war.

Cartoon and poster Images of the Fuhrer and his best buds, show him flanked by Hermann Goering, and that simpering worm Josef Goebbels. Not a sign of Himmler anywhere. That’s American and British cartoons and posters.

So Our Karl, has basically not only screwed himself, he has bolted and nailed himself into the bargain.

You just can’t get away with being a puppeteer and actually show your hands on the strings. The audience is supposed to be watching the puppet.

Out of all the major players, his being taken out can damage the Agenda more than anybody elses.

Even Bush and Cheney would be expected to “take one for the team” ahead of him. Karl has supposedly prepared to throw his Kingmaking machine over to support McCain, effectively taking away the threat of Das TotenKultur being overthrown merely by one or two faces being taken away.

His ego trip got the better of him, and now he is running out of places to hide.

1 thought on “Karl Rove vs Heinrich Himmler: Get Ready to RRRRRRumble!

  1. Karl Rove was acting the ass, as usual, at the press banquet yestereven.

    Actually joining 3 other Button-down Republican white boys in a Rap Quartet.

    This is a sad day for the Right Wing. They have fallen to staging an Archie Bunker-esque Minstrel Show parody of the Black race, on national teevee.

    I wonder how that’s going to go over, when they get to prison, will some of the inmates they placed there say “YO! Karla, stand your bitch ass on the table and give us some of that Rap shit you did at the banquet”.

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