Capitalism- the culture of disrespect to the individual

One of the most comical aspects of those who defend capitalism, is their idiotic notion that anti-capitalists hate the rights of the individual, while capitalism is supposedly supportive of the dignity of the individual. How patently absurd!

Capitalism is an inherently authoritarian system where most of us get reduced down to a payroll number or code. And if you get sick, see what I mean exactly. Instead of having a name you will then have a patient ID number. Fall in, Number Not #1. Check the wrist band. Follow doctor’s orders, please. At work, do as you are told. We need you to work Tues. night shift, Number Whatever. Be on call on Thursday. Hold up you wrist , Patient #9.

All of our society works to dehumanize the individual. Many identify with this and if you try to assert your dignity as a human being, many other human beings will resent you for it, since they themselves have totally internalized their assigned lack of dignity as individuals under capitalism. How dare you do otherwise?! Who do you think you are?

Children at school, or elderly in the nursing home? Get used to musical chairs, musical beds. Take the Colorado Sap Test and be good. Chew your mush, I got no time. And to think that this is labelled the culture that frees the individual within each and everyone of us? Bizarro World thinking that our society is the epitome of freedom!

Capitalism enhances indiviualism they say! And then they talk of ‘collateral damage’. What a disrespectful to the individual and baldfacel lie. What nonsense. What a pile of total crap. Repeat it a billion times over, and perhaps you might buy it? Without the capitalist you have no freedom, and you have no dignity they chant like mantra. Of course, we all feel the absolute contrary. We see the lack of dignity given people daily in our lives. Capitalism tries to squash the dignity of people at every step. Only money is allowed to buy it. The dollar rules over the people everywhere. And yet they repeat otherwise.

I guess I am writing about this because today I saw the brute force of the police state against the dignity of the elderly. What is there much to say, when you see the police throw elderly, with physical handicaps, to the ground? I had a handicapped parking space permit in my car, while the police were assaulting the person who needed it, my friend and passenger in my car. Such utter and complete disrespect to the dignity of the individual, as they tore off this friend’s clothing by dragging her across the pavement without a thought in the world to the dignity they hoped to destroy. And to think that most in our society cling on to the fantasy, that only through supporting an authoritarian economic system can the individual be protected? What fools our delusions can make us. What cold blooded killers to dignity some become. I hate this culture of disrespect. The capitalist and his portfolio are the antihesis to human freedom.

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4 Responses to Capitalism- the culture of disrespect to the individual

  1. Avatar Steve Beckett says:

    I invite you to leave the USA and move to a more socialist / communist society and share your thoughts openly. The freedom which you say does not exist in this country is the very freedom that allows you to pen your thoughts, however contrary they are to the USA’s government, with no threat of punishment from the government. You and Eric seem to miss the major point: Capitalism (free trade) allows someone the freedom to do anything they want in an attempt to build a life for themselves. You complain about Capitalism but yet reap its benefits. It is the very idea that has allowd Eric to start up the Bookman Bookmobile and do what he does. In a socialist / communist society, I would be interested to learn if that would have been allowed. Regarding the healthcare you mentioned in your anti-capitalism blog, try getting healthcare in a socialist country…especially if you do not like the Dr. you are told to go see. A freedom you take for granted in the USA is your opportunity to choose your Dr. Also, not sure if you were involved in the St. Patty’s Day protest or not, but I believe Eric was. A little thought: any message you were hoping to share was lost in your “lying” to get into the parade under false pretense of the Bookmobile. MLK Jr. led revolution that lasted because that group acted with integrity 100% of the time – doing what they said they were going to do. Against the law maybe, but they never lied about what they would do, or when they would do it. Mix in a little respect for your cause and others might respect you and your cause as well. Judging by citizens comments in the paper today, I don’t think you all did much but embarrass yourself. To each, his own. Steve

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yeah, you are a typicial arrogant no-nothing American right winger, Steve, and if I had more time I would respond to more of your drivel than what I will at this point. You talk of freedom under capitalism, and yet urge somebody that is every bit as American as you to leave the country of his birth. Why don’t you get your own butt out of MY country instead, Bud? You guys take the f…… cake.

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    Steve. Once again….

    We’re not all socialists nor of same politics here, IF you read at all, Steve. You are right on one thing… we can choose a doctor in the U.S. per our own tastes. So how about Dr. Martin Luther King? since you are skilled enough to namedrop. Oh wait, damned idiot got shot and spoiled a perfectly good three day weekend! And look how long it took Dr. King (who I do respect highly) to sway the indifference. And at what price! But for the love of God, DONT tell me every march he made ended in love notes.

    If you are going to wain isolated 60’s history, at least, remember Kent State AND lynchings.

    The local paper editorials that you refer to, Steve, is going to editorialize the comments first by choosing which ones to print. “Back of the bus” to the rest.

    Note: you have been given respect here, at least, per being able to type.

    And TYPE you do. Yes, as you say Steve, “each to their own”. No United. No Bill of Rights. No diversity. Thank you Mr. Patriot Actor.

  4. Choose our own doctor, unless we get hurt on the job, then we not only don’t get to choose our own doctors and have the insurance pay for it, if our own doctor says we are disabled and the Company Doctor (I was once sent to a corporate care facility which was actually CALLED “The Company Doctor” in Fort Worth) the company can sue the disabled worker for not returning to servitude. Or simply fire him. And then sue him.

    As to freedom of expression without fear of punishment, I suppose that little ol’ parade beat down thing was just a friendly way of saying how free we are in America. Say whatever you want but don’t dare say anything The Pigs don’t like.

    You say you are a soldier and you say you were at the parade, why didn’t you fight for Freedom as it was being taken away by American pigs? You didn’t even raise your voice to protest the cowardice of the cops and the even greater cowardice of those in the bystanders who were trying to incite a mob action. I know you didn’t because not one single soldier stood up for Freedom at the Parade. You want that kind of Freedom, instead of inflicting it on Americans, why not, when you go back to Iraq, apply for citizenship in THEIR puppet dictatorship?

    That of course, instead of trying to bring your Dictator’s version of “Freedom” here.

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