Killbox circa Sinai Desert

Remains of the Egyptian Army in the Sinai Desert 1967
Does this scene of carnage look familiar to you? I thought it was the infamous Highway of Death where US airplanes destroyed the Iraqi convoys retreating from Kuwait in 1990. No, this was twenty three years earlier, in the Sinai Desert on the first day of the 1967 Six Day War.

The Egyptians had been threatening to attack Israel, even though they were completely outclassed by Israel’s military. However Israel seized the opportunity to launch a preemptive attack and decimated Egypt’s air force the first day, and Egypt’s ground forces the day after.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the six day war and the resultant occupation of Palestine. In describing the human cost of that war, I heard an Israeli representative explain that Israel lost 552 soldiers, “quite heavy losses for Israel, if you consider per capita.” And the Arab casualties? “Hard to say. Around 15,000 or so.” Does that kind of ratio appear familiar? Even the phrasing? The lack of interest certainly does.

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