Lawyergate, who’d have thunk it…

it would seem that this issue has gotten the most screams out of the Cons. They are spinning like a Maytag on amphetamines.

The White House is hedging already, people are getting “hazy memories” like they wouldn’t seriously remember something like firing a whole bunch of their pig buddies.

Sure they don’t remember, after all, “they have the attention span of a goldfish and wouldn’t remember what their leader’s said 6 months afterward”

OOPs that’s the Left Wing that supposedly can’t remember anything, and the Cons are sharp as tacks….

Details, details…

You know, there’s a Mafia saying that comes to mind, rather forcefully, “never shit in your own front yard” meaning if you are going to do major crimes, don’t do it in your own neighborhood.

If you were a guest at a Mafia house, you wouldn’t even have to lock your car. They wouldn’t sell dope in their neighborhood, they wouldn’t allow anybody else to either.

These buffoons in the Administration just got more and more arrogant. An Email from a WHITE HOUSE computer to start outing Plame?

How stupid can they get? Why not go behind a McDonalds and use their WiFi, fer cryin’ out loud?

I bet some of the best scams ever on the web were done in the alley behind a Mickey D’s.

They just don’t know how to hire real talent, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Lawyergate, who’d have thunk it…

  1. Both LawyerGate and the Plame outing are in committee right now.

    The White House has asked for a recess until Tuesday so they can have enough time to get their lies straight…

  2. Yeah, but the real scandal is the open torture of prisoners and the coerced testimony from people like Mohamed al-Kahtani that is now being made public. They have coerced him into ‘confessing’ that he has done more criminal acts than Satan himself, and it just appears so absolutely absurd that even the US government itself is putting out announcements that he couldn’t have done everything he has testified to doing. Well, duh… Why did you torture him then, if all it results in is multiple incoherent nonsense, and the elimination of any ability to give him a fair trial?

    Check out what wikipedia has documented on his case… When a government tortures priosner it holds, it eliminates any credibility of the government itself. Why? Because torture is a criminal act itself, and criminals like government officials that engage in using torture have utterly low creditbility in their own testimony. In short, liars use torture, and torturers lie.

  3. Torture is also a hugely sexual act. Much like Rape is a power play, torture is a way for the piggies doing it to get their collective rocks off.

    You know, if you go to any Adult Book and Toy Store, you will find in the Fetish Wear section mock police uniforms, handcuffs, batons, in the same section as the S/M gear.

    Only the police get the real playthings, paid for by the public, and an opportunity to use them on unwilling playmates any time they feel appropriate.

    Limits on Habeas Corpus and necessity for warrants, throwing the old nasty anti-torture 5th amendment out the proverbial dungeon window, just gives the uniformed rapists more “partners” for their sick little sex games.

    After all, the thrill of simulated violence with cooperative partners can’t possibly compare to the real thing…

    But the thing about torture, it has to be shielded from the public eye, done in secret, like all sex crimes. That’s the real reason for secrecy at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib and Khandahar.

    Shaikh al-Kahtani shows there is no real need for the “information” gained being classified.

  4. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is another prisoner they have tortured so bad that his testimopny is absolutely no longer not credible in the least. see wikipedia again on his case at

    These US media show’trials’ are fast becoming like Stalin’s parade of purged and confessing Communist Party bigwigs. They were paraded before the media back then as they admitted being Hitler’s agents, when they most certainly were not.

  5. The only reason the AG and the Prez thought they would get away with the prosecutor firings, and the timing thereof, APPEARS to be that the PATRIOT ACT was extended by a lame duck congress just prior to the firings.

    “Justice” Miers and Karl Rove are expected to be subpoenaed Thursday, according to Yahell.

    Gonzales has been doing some major sucking up to the attorneys who were fired and to all the others in the DoJ as well, but of course, off the record.

    One of the provisions of the badly mis-named USA PATRIOT ACT is that the prez can appoint US Attorneys without confirmation by Congress.

    This is the crucial part of the formula. The firings themselves can officially be done without question. That one was a given.

    The new hires to replace them, suddenly the AG and Mr Bush are saying, in effect, are none of our damned business.

    This will, along with the demonstrated non-effectiveness of torture and imprisonment without trial or sentence or even public accusations,
    the Walter Reed Scandal, and the rather blunt firing of Valerie Plame, and all the operatives and sources she depended on in her mission, SOME OF WHOM HAD TO BREAK BREAD WITH al Qa’eda people, had to live in the same neighborhoods, suddenly exposed to even more danger by Karl Rove and Bush having their little temper tantrum…

    Effectively, put the entire raison d’etre of the Bush administration on trial.

    If Bush puts the issue forth that he is allowed to replace these attorneys without oversight, he exposes himself as a dictator, in Giant Red Letters with Flashing Lights, and thus risks a popular rebellion, which even the Police have an obvious reason to join…

    OR he can as a one time only special deferment to Congress (subject to revocation as quickly as a Colorado Springs parade permit?) and allow Congress to have the confirmation hearings on the proposed replacement attorneys.

    There are two subtler options, one is to Arbitrarily reinstate the fired attorneys, who would then probably start investigations that Mr Bush obviously fears,

    OR re-nominate them with the One Time Only Gift of having Congress allowed to confirm them.

    The last two options are the ones which would delay the inevitable the longest.

  6. Now the president is sulking like the little bitch he truly is that Congress actually has, under Rule of Law, and the Constitution, equal powers to those of the Executive Branch.

    It hurts Der Fuhrer von Crawford to be so badly abused by people not accepting the subservient role he has ordered them into.

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