Mommy, it’s not right!

All of us, of course, are very concerned about Britney and Paris, Ted and Rush. They all seem to suffer from substance abuse, and our hearts go out to them as they deal with their own private demons.

Ok, so they don’t suffer so much from private demons, but rather public ones. Still, when Ted’s makeup is wrecked by tears, and Rush shows us his crotch since he’s wearing no thong, it’s rather disconcerting to us all. So, thank God we have reporters like Professor Gary Leupp, whose The Unfair Treatment of Paris Hilton keeps us socially backward denizens of the Left informed with what’s real, and what’s not.

Let’s hope he starts up a column titled ‘SOCIETY’ to give us more regular coverage of our American Idols. We need it to help balance our unbalanced minds.

2 thoughts on “Mommy, it’s not right!

  1. A narcissist is a narcissist is a narcissist. Incapable of feeling or understanding the pain that their actions cause, or could cause, others. They don’t have public or private demons….only an inability to understand or care about anyone but self.

    Paris could’ve shown dignity and taken responsibility for her actions. Instead, she sits in the driveway, in the back of a police cruiser, screaming for her mommy. Rationalizing her poor behavior…blaming others….willing and able to walk that path for a lifetime. Anything but introspection. Anything at all. A commoner with a false sense of self.

  2. 6 weeks in jail, with no cellie, not in General Population, has emotional outbursts, but doesn’t get Tasered down like a mad dog….

    She seriously needs to get down on her bony knees every night and thank God Almighty that she wasn’t born poor.

    What’s really really Piss You Off about the whole deal is there was a REAL news story going down, about Condoleezza Rice announcing that America was going to build that huge, complicated, too expensive to afford and so far not working Missile Shield, in Europe, over the objections of the Europeans. Coverage of this was interrupted by Miss Privilege having her tantrum.

    I’d say the Wrong Wing decided it was Paris’ turn to “take one for the team”.

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