Obama outta my face

Barack Obobblehead
Democrats are storming Congress, threatening the Neocon oligarchy, and the MSM directs its spotlights to a sideshow: Obama! Do you worry about who’s running for president in 2008? There’s supposed to be plenty change afoot right now in the center ring.
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

And please do not choose the 2008 straw men for us. Do not tell voters that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the Democrats’ best offerings. Obama is an impressive individual, certainly a non-commital politician, so let’s give him a few years to prove his effectiveness. He only became a senator in 2004. As yet we only know he’s qualified for the Tony Robbins circuit. Let’s let Obama look us up in 2016. Until then we’ve got to pick someone electible, not someone the GOP/media wants to sell us as our Last White Hope.

George Bush’s latest sales pitch to the American public highlighted for me the extreme entrenchment of corporate media. They ran nothing but interference for Bush, prepping their audiences to receive Dubya’s message well lubed. It didn’t work, and I hope the networks’ glad-handling showed.

The will of the people is overtaking congress and the land, and the media are going to proclaim otherwise until we pry the microphones from their cold dead buttholes.

3 thoughts on “Obama outta my face

  1. Exactly, Atomic Elroy, you hit the nail on the head. And third parties don’t just construct themselves out of thin air, especially when everybody sits around fantasizing that politicians like Obama are something different than they really are, and while thinking that only voting for Tweedle Dee/ Tweedle Dumb is what politics is all about.

    Check out Joshua Frank about The Next Big Bamboozler

  2. So, like, when’s the third party, where is it gonna be and who all is coming?

    I shouldn’t talk like that, kind of a flashback to my misspent youth.
    Unlike the youth that are being mis-spent now in Iraq and all.

    When I was in the Air Force there were two classes of duty station. You were either TDY which just means temporary or you were Permanent party personnel.
    Sometimes I wondered it the personnel were permanently partying.
    The few weekends I stayed on base, there was on each occasion a keg party going on at the dorm.
    Air Force got away from the Barracks concept long ago, it’s Dorm.

    Did I say keg party,? I must have mispoke myself. It should read Kegs party.
    They didn’t stop with just one.
    And this was only 5 years after Mr Bush took his unscheduled leave for a year and still got an Honorable Discharge.

    I don’t know, just musing and almost doing Automatic Writing, letting fancy follow fancy to badly misquote the late Mr Poe.
    But what about forming a Party Party? It got Clinton elected in 92. I went to a Santana concert in Dallas just because I was a registered Rock the Voter.
    Oye como va… this is the way it should go, listen up…
    If we go with the Party party, then have a schism in that, and have a Party party party, we then have the third party all at once.

    On a more sober tone, I was always told that multi-party democracies like France and Italy were weakened by having all those different groups, no one ever had a majority in one single party, so they had to form coalitions, try to be nice to one another, and nobody had enough votes in his or her faction to have strong central government. And that because of that they couldn’t do Important Strong Centralist Stuff like fighting a war or anything.

    So like without a strong central government, there wouldn’t be wars or stuff?
    Help me out here, I’m not seeing the downside….

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